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“Her name was Jasmine.” “And we talked for like, four months, and we went out for like three months, I think.

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After their “couple” debut, the two weren’t seen on too many romantic rendezvous so we were left to assume that their love affair ended right around the time it started. Cameron Fuller — The two started dating nearly the same day they got engaged! Their spontaneous friendship and “relationship” faded with time. They were spotted together a handful of times after and the actress shared a birthday post on Julian’s birthday. What’s more, she even shared a cryptic message on her Instagram with a written note that said, “I Love you, J.” Coincidence? The two have sparked dating rumors for over a year now, and while neither one has confirmed it, they also have never denied it.

When Brooklyn decided to join the rest of the 21st century and made a Twitter account, she was one of the first people he followed, so that’s kind of all the proof we need.