Private adult text chat

In the example below, a message has come through on the @fishingtrip cell.

This is Hadley's current cell, so she just replies with a message and it automatically goes to @fishingtrip.

The people in front of me were actually holding their noses and I honestly was holding down trying not to dry retch.

That makes even more sense when you think of how the app treats its photos and videos ephemerally.

With Celly you can quickly group people and topics into cells.

Cells function as chat rooms where people communicate instantly via text-based messaging.

The past three years, however, have brought a proliferation of cheap, prepaid cellphone plans with unlimited text messaging. In 2009, Americans received some 2.2 billion text messages that they identified as spam, by the estimate of Richi Jennings, an independent market analyst. But even that figure doesn’t capture the biggest boom, which has come in just the past few months, according to Cloudmark, a San Francisco-based firm that provides messaging security for major wireless carriers.

But that method was easily stymied, because wireless companies can separately track and filter such messages.