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You have to register before you can post, so you can log in or create a forum name above to proceed. I thought it would be a fun idea to host a fashion contest with different sort of rules and awards of course.Just to let everyone know, the more expensive your outfit is or less expensive does not matter. My guild outbreak is helping me host this once its taking place!Unlike quests, favors, and objectives, which typically involve a specific person or location, World Interactions and Encounters occur randomly, and they almost never occur in the same place.World Interactions are random and usually very small-scale events that occur in populated areas, such as settlements, towns, or cities.After a comforting foot bath and Dead Sea salt scrub, your therapist gently exfoliates your body with exfoliating gloves.Next is an application of our Skin Nourishment Drench, Soothe, or Clarify mineral masques customized with your chosen aroma.

The Dragonborn has very little control over when World Interactions appear.A nearby resident asks, "What's he/she doing rummaging around in there?" A second resident (if there is one nearby) replies, "Perhaps he/she is looking for food?These are listed in the following tables, along with a description of the interaction and any prerequisites (such as completing quests) need to have been accomplished.The Dragonborn takes something from a barrel, sack, crate, or container where "refuse" is usually placed.