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RAR awards are based exclusively on agency ratings left by brands – only by delighting clients with exceptional work can high ratings be achieved – so their recent success means a lot to the team at Crowd.

So much so that they’ve taken to Youtube to put together a video to thank their clients, without whom, none of it would have been possible “Social media contributes to a huge part of what we do at Crowd and the social team work hard day-in day-out to produce innovative campaigns that achieve great results for our clients.

The Lexbe e Discovery Platform (LEP) supports uploading files in a ZIP format. The ZIP file is a popular data compression and archive format.

It is possible LEP will be unable to unzip a file that can be unzipped elsewhere for the reasons discussed below.

Right now I'm using command-line RAR in windows to zip up old files.

I'm using the -tb switch to tell rar to zip up all files before a certain date/time.

@echo off setlocal Enable Delayed Expansion "%Program Files%\Win RAR\rar.exe" a -ag YYYY-MM-DD -cfg- -ep1 -inul -m5 -r -y "F:\data_.rar" "D:\data\" for %%I in (F:\data_*.rar) do ( set "Rar File Name=%%~n I" set "New File Name=!

” The plan now for Crowd is to keep delivering exceptional services and push the boundaries of digital marketing to keep their clients satisfied, hopefully picking up some more awards along the way!

The feature I loved most is that Total Manager supports FTP on Mac! You can completely replace Finder with this powerful file manager.

What you can do with this File Manager: Connect to a remote on Mac using FTP, SFTP!

You can still force Win RAR to select the entered destination path in extraction dialog with "Display" button. Bugs fixed: a) the keyboard focus was not returned to "Settings/File list" dialog page after selecting the file list font. Bugs fixed: a) fixed a crash and security vulnerability when unpacking corrupt RAR4 archives; b) "Extract to a specified folder" command was missing in context menu in Win RAR file list when right clicking an archive. Added support for Unix extended timestamp extra field (0x5455 extra field tag) in ZIP archives.

Such timestamps are used by Info Zip to store UTC file time additionally to standard ZIP local time.