Comcast cable box guide not updating

While this offers improvements to the consumer, the sheer number of options can make the decision process slightly more difficult.How can you know for sure you’re actually getting the best router combo?

However, introduced on the market in 2016, the Motorola 16×4 Modem can not only deliver lighting fast Internet speeds, but also can save you that monthly rental charge.All that is required is the necessary equipment installed to receive a signal via an aerial.You can get exclusive connections to hundreds and more channels.Would plugging my big screen somehow into the cable box change this? The program info is being decoded by the cable box and displayed. If it's really important than you can rent an additional box from charter for 2nd Tv. Ok so im now thinking the box that is downstairs isnt a cable box...It very well could just be some sort of internet thing (it has a ethernet port, a cable-in-, and two phone plugs [edited]), because it isnt connected to any of my TV's and it doesnt look like it could hook up to a TV.