Chemistry dating site in canada

The DNA Romance beta-platform is a online dating website that can be used free of charge by anyone who already has DNA testing data.

First, download your DNA data from 23and Me, or Ancestry DNA, or Genes For Good, or My Heritage, or Family Tree DNA, or Living DNA. Then look no further DNA Romance are offering our own DNA test for 0 USD postage.

Our strategy is to focus our activities on those markets to which we bring value, by developing for our customers innovative and competitive solutions.

Earlier this summer, the year-old enterprise partnered with online dating site Singld to distribute kits to singles looking to skip a few steps to find the mate of their dreams.

“There’s so much really neat genetic behavioural data coming out…

Download your raw DNA data test file, we accept DNA fron all DNA testing companies.

DNA Romance are the only DNA dating platform that accepts your raw DNA data, unlike Gene Partner we the accept your raw DNA data file from any DNA testing provider including DNA, Ancestry DNA, 23andme, 23&me, 23and Me,.