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The mini-show, as it has evolved, focused on Al Dub, the fictional couple pairing — or "love team" as it is more commonly known in the Philippines — of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's "Yaya Dub" character in which the two only communicate through lip-syncing to various pop songs and movie audio clips as well as written messages, and interact only on the show's split-screen frame.

Richards is usually based in Broadway Centrum studio of Eat Bulaga!

When its active, short term memory gets filled up, it can’t deal with requests very well…just like that adult with several kids all asking questions at once.

In fact, they can get so overwhelmed that requests can’t reach the long term memory part, or they reach it imperfectly, and it freezes up or makes mistakes.

Kalyeserye is a soap opera parody segment that was aired live on the Filipino noontime variety show Eat Bulaga!

on GMA Network in the Philippines and worldwide through GMA Pinoy TV.

Don’t really know much about him, but I’ve been told ‘he’s bloody brilliant’ Amazon Music UK Thanks for all your questions for adamlambert good chat mate – on air tomorrow . Just had chinwag with Adam and played grosse game of Would You Rather.

Even p-books (paperbooks), which were undeniably a technological gadget was first introduced (with “expensive” difficult to use versions going to elite early adopters, and then eventually, cheap mass-produced ones which benefited from early users’ experiences), fail in a variety of ways…pages tear or get folded, spines separate, and so on.

They have a short term memory (“What am I doing now? It knows when you tap a title on the homescreen (I say “tapping” because all of the current generation have touchscreens) it should display that book. The same sort of thing goes for a Fire tablet, a Fire phone, a Fire TV (or Fire TV stick) and the Amazon Echo.

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With electronic gadgets, one of the big differences is that they actively do things…they participate in your interaction with them.

That ability to participate has its limits…it can become overwhelmed, just like an adult trying to deal with several children.